Winners of Gegaran Raya Shake & Win game
Congratulations to all the winners of our Gegaran Raya Shake & Win game!
We would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who participated and made our campaign a huge success.

Winners need to email us their personal details to, this is for verification and prize delivery purpose.
- Full Name
- NRIC (last 4 digit)
- Mobile number
- Delivery Address
The prize will be forfeited if we do not receive the details by 10 July 2022, so hurry up and email us today.
Here are the top winners who will be receiving prizes from us:

Grand Prize 1:  Mi Robot Cleaner
Name: Chuah Hui Feng
BI Card Number: 6298XXXXXXXX1866

Name: Mono Kari Sokkalinggam
BI Card Number: 6298XXXXXXXX5103

Name: Lim Swee Geok
BI Card Number: 6298XXXXXXXX4531

Grand Prize 2:   Philips Air Fryer (4.1L)
Name: Lok Li Ken
BI Card Number: 6298XXXXXXXX1039

Name: Zainal Abidin Bin Setapal
BI Card Number: 6298XXXXXXXX2071

Name: Hon Kah Onn
BI Card Number: 6298XXXXXXXX5420

Name: Tan Nget Foong
BI Card Number: 6298XXXXXXXX4736

Name: Sohan Neumal Peiris
BI Card Number: 6298XXXXXXXX1975

Name: Chong Kong Ken
BI Card Number: 6298XXXXXXXX6466

Grand Prize 3:  Huawei Band 6
Name: Toong Hoi Pang
BI Card Number: 6298XXXXXXXX3829

Name: Hong Siew Hoon
BI Card Number: 6298XXXXXXXX6971

Name: Heng Yeo Hong
BI Card Number: 6298XXXXXXXX7693

Name: Leong Peng Fatt
BI Card Number: 6298XXXXXXXX5186

Name: Lau Wen Yee
BI Card Number: 6298XXXXXXXX7581

Name: Wee Lay Kee
BI Card Number: 6298XXXXXXXX0418

Name: Hisamudin Bin Mohd Yunus
BI Card Number: 6298XXXXXXXX5840

Name: Tan Hang Seong
BI Card Number: 6298XXXXXXXX0107

Name: Mak Yoke Lan
BI Card Number: 6298XXXXXXXX2077