B Infinite | Loyalty Program in Malaysia

I have more than one card, a green card and a Caltex co-brand card. What is the difference?

Both cards enable you to collect points and redeem them at participating outlets and online. However, with the Caltex co-brand card, you will be able to enjoy extra Caltex-related benefits and special offers designed especially for its members.

I have two cards, can I merge the points?

If you wish to merge the points, you have to cancel the other card. However, you are advised to keep both cards as you can continue collecting points at B Infinite participating outlets and perform redemption using each card individually.
Disclaimer: Note that BPoints transfer for UCard is only allowed if both lost and new UCards are registered under the same U Mobile number and same user.

How to create a virtual card on B Infinite Mobile App?

You may click here to create a virtual card.