B Infinite | Loyalty Program in Malaysia

Where can I earn BPoints?

You may earn BPoints at over 130 B Infinite participating brands with more than 4,000 outlets nationwide. Check our listed partners at MERCHANTS and our latest promotion at PROMOTIONS or B Infinite Mobile App.

How do I check my BPoints earned todate?

You may check your available BPoints via

   1. B Infinite Mobile App or    2. Website at LOGIN or    3. Email at enquiry@binfinite.com.my

What can I do with the BPoints?

BPoints can be used as cash to pay for goods and services at B infinite participating partners.
For more info, visit our website at HOW TO REDEEM
Or you may also perform redemptions via our B Infinite Mobile App!

Is there any expiry date to my B Infinite points (BPoints)?

Yes. BPoints expiry is 36 months from sales or purchase date, on first in first out basis. Eg,

You can view your BPoints expiry date via our B Infinite Mobile App or login to

Is there any way to speed up my BPoints collections?

Yes, there are many promotions that allow you to do so. Watch out for our latest promotion or campaigns on how to earn more points at our B Infinite Mobile App or PROMOTIONS

If I’m holding multiple BCards, can I combine all points into 1 BCard?

Points combination into 1 BCard account is not available at this moment. If you are holding more than 1 BCard, you will be collecting different sets of BPoints in different BCard accounts.

Can I view my BPoints history online via B Infinite Mobile App or website login after one year?

You can view BPoints transaction history online via our B infinite website for 6 months record and via B Infinite Mobile App up to 1 month record Should you wish to keep track of transactions more than 6 months, you may download the BPoints record prior to the said duration from our B Infinite website.

I just noticed that my BPoints has expired, can I request for reinstatement?

We regret to inform that once BPoints have expired, it will be forfeited and no reinstatement is allowed. You may keep track of your BPoints expiry date via our B Infinite Mobile App or via online login at LOGIN

Why the BPoints reward structure differs amongst the participating partners?

Every partner operates differently in terms of their products, services and pricing. For more info on our partners offer, please logon to MERCHANTS

Will I get my BPoints immediately after making my purchase?

Your BPoints will be awarded into your B Infinite account once we received partners submission on the sales or purchase transaction. This may be immediate or up to 60 days after your transaction date due to e-commerce partners 45 days return policy.

If I still have not received the BPoints after the above said period, what can I do?

You may email us at enquiry@binfinite.com.my by providing us the ;

   - Copy of purchase receipt for transaction at our partners outlet or    - Online order ID, date and amount of purchases for online shopping

My BPoints are not updated and I've lost the purchase receipt, what should I do?

We seek your understanding that a copy of the purchase receipt is required as proof for us to pursue with our partners to claim the BPoints. Request will be rejected if there is no official purchase receipt provided.