B Infinite | Loyalty Program in Malaysia

How do I redeem for goods / services with my BPoints?

Redemption can be done at :
   - Our participating partner outlets or
   - Through our B Infinite Mobile App
For more info, go to HOW TO REDEEM
For info on our promotions, go to PROMOTIONS

Do I need the PIN to perform redemption?

Yes. You will need to key in your 6 digit PIN during BPoints redemption

How do I make redemption On-The-Spot?

1. Lookout for our participating partner
2. Order the items you would like to redeem
3. Swipe your BCard or scan BCard from your mobile app
4. Key in your PIN
5. Redemption succesful

Note : you can check your BPoints available for redemption via your mobile app or LOGIN

How do I make redemption through mobile app?

1. Go to "Redemptions" tab
2. Select the item you wish to redeem
3. You can choose to fully redeem with your BPoints or buy with a debit/credit card
4. Upon redemption, the e-voucher can be viewed from "Vouchers" tab
5. When you wish to use it, activate the voucher* to get a unique voucher code
6. Kindly write down or screenshot the voucher unique code and use the code during your purchase.

There may be participating partners who requires member to access to their website to activate the e-voucher or visit their outlet to redeem on the spot. Please read the Terms (stated in the Redemption / go to Partner promotion icon) for instruction prior to activating your e-voucher or perform redemption.

Can I redeem any type of vouchers through B Infinite mobile app?

Only E-Voucher can be redeemed through B Infinite Mobile App at this moment. Please go to "Redemption" tab in the mobile app to view our items available for BPoints redemption.

Do I have to use the e-Voucher immediately once I redeemed it through mobile app?

No. You can store the e-Voucher in "Vouchers" tab after you have redeemed it. Make sure you activate and use the e-Voucher before the expiry date

What is a unique voucher code?

You will get a unique voucher code once you activate the e-Voucher. This code is to be used during your purchase.

Note: Please activate the e-Voucher when you wish to use it. Kindly write down/screenshot the voucher unique code number.

How does partial redemption work?

Partial redemption is a combination of BPoints and payment to be made by member.

For over the counter at partner's outlet
If you have only 570 BPoints and the drinks that you wish to order costs RM 10, you can use your entire 570 BPoints (equivalent to RM5.70) to redeem, then just add RM 4.30 in cash to pay the balance.

For redemption via our Mobile App
If you have only 340 BPoints and you wish to redeem a voucher at RM10, you can use your entire 340 BPoints (equivalent to RM3.40) to redeem, and pay the remaining RM6.60 via Masterpass.

Note : Partial redemption may not be applicable for all items. Eg: Markdown online vouchers.

Can I cancel the redemption or exchange for another gift after redemption is made?

We are sorry that once redemption has been accepted, it cannot be cancelled, exchanged or returned.

Can I exchange my BPoints for cash?

No, BPoint is not exchangeable for cash but it is as good as cash! 100 BPoints is equivalent to RM1.00. You may pay with as many BPoints as you like to knock off your bill.

Do I get BPoints when I purchase or use cash vouchers at the participating partners?

Please be informed BPoints reward for cash voucher is subjected to individual participating partners terms and conditions.

Do I get BPoints when I redeem online through the website and mobile app?

BPoints will not be awarded for redemption made online through the website and B Infinite Mobile App.