B Infinite | Loyalty Program in Malaysia

What is B Infinite?

A lifestyle and consumer-focused reward program designed for members to collect and redeem points at participating outlets.

How can I join?

Download B Infinite Mobile App via Google Play store for Android users or Apple App store for IOS users. You may still apply for B Infinite membership through B Infinite participating outlets.

If I want to apply for BCard , how long do I have to wait to get one?

You will receive your BCard right away after you apply for the virtual card at B Infinite's mobile app or at B Infinite participating outlets.

Where can I sign up for membership and should I sign up with all the merchants?

You can apply for membership at B Infinite's mobile app or at any B Infinite's participating outlet. You will receive your BCard immediately upon sign up. You only need to sign up once and can use your BCard at all our participating outlets.

Do I have to pay a fee for a B Infinite membership?

No. There is NO membership fee needed. However, for some co-brand card, a minimal membership fee may be charged for special privileges.

Is B Infinite membership open to non-Malaysians and what is the age limit?

Membership is open to all individuals, residents and non-residents of Malaysia who are 18 years of age and above.

Where can I collect B Infinite points (BPoints) from?

BPoints can be collected at over 80 B Infinite participating brands, more than 4,000 outlets nationwide.

When can I start collect points using my BCard?

You can start collecting BPoints as soon as you receive your BCard.
*Disclaimer: For U Mobile, you can start collecting BPoints once your U Card is registered

Is there any expiry date to my B Infinite points (BPoints)?

Yes. Your BPoints will be expired 36 months after issuance, on a first in first out basis.

Can I keep track of any BPoints expiry?

Yes. Log on to B Infinite mobile app, B Infinite website, SMS to 33310 or contact our call centre at 03-2141 8080.

How can I contact B Infinite?

You can contact B Infinite call centre at 03-2141 8080 OR email to enquiry@binfinite.com.my

Can I still collect BPoints if I left my BCard at home?

Yes, you may present the virtual BCard on your B Infinite Mobile App account only if you have download and sync your BCard to B Infinite mobile app.

The B Infinite looks like a credit card - is it a credit card?

No. B Infinite is not a credit card, charge card or debit card but BPoints are as good as cash which allows full or partial redemption.

What happen if I lost my physical BCard?

If you have link your card to B Infinite Mobile App, the BPoints will remain in your B Infinite virtual card account. However, if you wish to get a new physical card, you may obtain from the nearest participating outlets and contact us at 03-2141 8080 or enquiry@binfinite.com.my for BPoints transfer request.
Disclaimer: Note that BPoints transfer for UCard is only allowed if both lost and new UCards are registered under the same U Mobile number and same user.

Will I get my BPoints immediately after making my purchase?

Your BPoints will be recorded into your B Infinite account only after merchant has notified us of the details of the relevant transaction. This may be immediately or up to 60 days after your transaction due to e-merchants' 45 days return policy.

How do I know how much BPoints have been collected?

Mobile App : Download B Infinite Mobile App via Google Play store for Andriod users or Apple App store for IOS users.

Website: Log onto our website at www.binfinite.com.my

SMS: BINFINITE < space > points < space > 16 digit card number < space > PIN sms to 33310
RM0.30 per sms will be charged

Call: Our call centre at 03-2141 8080.

Why does the point structure differ among the participating outlets?

Every outlet operates differently in terms of their products pricing and services.

Is there any way to speed up my BPoints collections?

Focus your spending at B Infinite participating outlets. Look out for offers and promotions that offer bonus points. Download our B Infinite Mobile App or log on to www.binfinite.com.my for our latest promotional updates.