7-Eleven Loyalty Card | B Infinite



Get Rewarded Conveniently

7-Eleven Malaysia Holdings Berhad operates 7-Eleven stores throughout Malaysia.

The 7-Eleven franchise is the single largest convenience store chain in Malaysia with more than 2,000 stores nationwide serving over 900,000 customers daily.

This means that B Infinite's Members have the opportunity to earn points within this extensive store network.

Please note that point collection and point redemption are excluded for purchases of tobacco, tobacco-related accessories, instore-services and reload services. Other than these items, simply present your BCard when making purchases to earn your reward points. You may redeem your favourite item with your BPoints here.  

Redeem or "Cash-in" BPoints for your purchases from as low as 100 BPoints.

Collect BPoints for every purchase and redemption throughout Malaysia.
Receive exclusive privileges and goodies from B Infinite and partners.


You have 300 BPoints on your BCard and wish to purchase a Slurpee at 7-Eleven costing RM2.70.

You can choose to redeem your 300 BPoints for Slurpee drink entirely with your BPoints balance. As you have 300 BPoints, this is equivalent to RM3.00 worth of cash (based on a cash redemption rate of RM1.00 for 100 BPoints). Simply present your BCard when paying, and your account will be deducted by 270 BPoints.