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U Mobile


U Mobile, Malaysia’s youngest Telco contender launched in 2007 was the first to offer the Unlimited Mobile Internet (UMI) Plan in Malaysia. With a bold strategy and the implementation of innovative mobile and data packages, U Mobile has grown from a mere fifty thousand user company to over four million today.

With its 4G LTE offering, U Mobile users enjoy some of the best mobile broadband speeds in Malaysia. In terms of Postpaid packages, the Hero plan is one of the best vcalue line sharing service in Malaysia. By offering Unlimited Calls and SMS (depending on the package signed up users enjoy substantial savings as compared with other telcos.

Call, Text, Surf, Earn and Be Rewarded

B Infinite has partnered with U Mobile to create a loyalty card - the U card.

Stand to earn BPoints that you can use and redeem rewards with U Mobile. Now you can earn BPoints while making calls and surfing online.