B Infinite | Loyalty Program in Malaysia

Rakuten Trade


Earn BPoints easily when you trade with Rakuten Trade. How can you start earning points?
  • Open a trading account (1,000RT points per account)*
  • Trade within 30 days of opening an account (2,000RT points per account)*
  • Refer a friend and get them to open an account (500RT points)*
  • When you trade(every RM2 paid for brokerage = 1RT point)*
  • Transfer in shares (500RT points per counter)
  • Whenever you trade on the same day FC Barcelona wins a match (2xRT points)*

Rakuten Trade is the first equity broker in Malaysia to offer
  • COMPLETELY online account opening
  • Approval within 2 hours*
  • Lowest in town brokerage rates…so you have more funds to trade with, and a
  • Japanese designed trading app to trade on Bursa Malaysia...iSPEED.my app

Don't forget that Rakuten Trade points can be converted anytime into B Infinite points...point to point! So the next time you are headed to your favourite B Infinite merchant such as Lazada,Tealive,Starbucks, etc...don't forget to convert your Rakuten Trade points into B Infinite points as your purchase may just be on Rakuten Trade!

*T&C apply

About Rakuten Trade
Rakuten Trade SdnBhd("Rakuten Trade"/楽天トレード) has been operating in Malaysia for almost a year and a half and is the country's first fully digital equities broker. It holds a restricted Capital Markets Services License.