B Infinite | Loyalty Program in Malaysia

Rakuten Trade


Rakuten Trade is the first equity broker in Malaysia to offer
  1. online account opening plus approval within 2 hours*
  2. competitive low brokerage rates…currently one of the lowest nationwide
  3. Marketplace access on a Japanese trading app, localised

And now as an added advantage, every time you trade via the Rakuten Trade platform or on their iSPEED.my app, you will receive Rakuten Trade points which can be converted anytime into B Infinite points…point to point!

So the next time you are headed to your favourite B Infinite merchant such as Lazada, Borders, Starbucks, etc…don’t forget to convert your Rakuten Trade points into B Infinite points as your purchase may just be on Rakuten Trade!

Rakuten Trade and B Infinite aim to reward our eClients with their everyday lifestyle needs!

*T&C apply

About Rakuten Trade
Rakuten Trade extends its trading services including the app - iSPEED.my - the localized version of Japan's leading mobile app developed by Rakuten Securities, Inc. Its web and mobile based trading services offer a 360° trading experience from account opening, execution, settlement of trade, research and trading ideas as well as rewards and financial knowledge.

Rakuten Trade is the result of a joint venture between Malaysia's Kenanga Investment Bank Berhad and Japan's Rakuten Securities, Inc.