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About BeLive In Psychology
BeLive In Psychology is a mental health clinic based in a co-working space at Ecosky along Jalan Kuching. It is founded by a counsellor and a clinical psychologist in order to provide mental health care to the community nearby such as Kepong, Jinjang, Selayang, Batu Caves, and so on. As one of the very few mental health care providers in this area, other than psychotherapies and trainings, BeLive also provides assessments and diagnosis services.

BeLive In Psychology brings the meaning of “BElieve” and “to be aLIVE” in one word. The floral heart in between the two words symbolizes that in order for the heart to grow in amazing ways, it requires both BE (which means to be in the process) and LIVE (which is a continuous adventure). In addition to that, both founders grounded the theory that both the process and continuous adventure would be most beneficial with a combination of psychological knowledge and application, thereby BeLive In Psychology.
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