B Infinite | Loyalty Program in Malaysia

How do I register as a survey panelist?

You can register as a survey panelist via SURVEY PANELIST

What do I get once I've registered as a survey panelist?

You will receive survey invitations via your registered email address and you will earn BPoints*

*Terms & Conditions apply.

When will I be receiving the survey invitation after registration?

Please allow us 3 to 4 weeks for registration and you'll receive an invitation once there is a survey available for you.

When will the BPoints be credited to my account?

Upon completion of survey, the free BPoints will be rewarded within a time frame which will be stated in the survey terms & conditions.

Why I still have not received the BPoints after the stipulated time frame?

You may leave us a message with your details at CONTACT US OR email us at enquiry@binfinite.com.my for further assistance

I've registered as a survey panelist with my previous BCard which I've misplaced. I've now applied for a new BCard, what do I need to do?

You will need to submit as a new registration using your new 16 digit BCard number at SURVEY PANELIST

I've participated in an earlier survey using the old BCard which I've misplaced and I've yet to get the BPoints. Can you load the BPoints into my new BCard?

You can leave us a message at CONTACT US or email us at enquiry@binfinite.com.my for further assistance. Please provide your BCard details and to allow BPoints to be updated to the new card, both old and new BCard must be registered under the same member profile.

Meanwhile, you will still need to register your new BCard at SURVEY PANELIST in order to continue receiving survey invitations linked to your new Bcard instead of your old BCard.