B Infinite | Loyalty Program in Malaysia

What are tokens?

Tokens are complimentary BPoints that are issued during campaigns or event which a member participates and can only be use at specific partners only.

How to use token BPoints?

For token BPoints, you can only redeem it at the specific partners in full and before the stated expiry date.

Example; At Tealive; there are Birthday Tokens which member can use to redeem a Free Drink (RM6.90) on their birthday every year. Token is valid for use within 1 year.

Where can I view the tokens expiry date?

You can view the tokens expiry date as well as the reward & redeem dates via our B Infinite Mobile App.

Once you click 'Token'; you will see the following:

Alternatively, you can also login to LOGIN. Go to Tokens History, you will see the following:

Can I combine both Tokens and BPoints for redemption?

Both Tokens and BPoints are accumulated as separate BPoints balance and combination of both for redemption is not allowed.