Smile, because your day and teeth just got brighter 
About Signature Dental Clinic
SIGNATURE DENTAL CLINIC is a sophisticated, patient-friendly clinic that has been established since from year 2011 with over 11,000 satisfied patients from Malaysia and about 60 over foreign countries worldwide such as Australia, United States of America, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Philippine, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Russia, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, Switzerland, etc. Signature Dental Clinic is strategically located next to Sunway Giza Mall and right in front of MRT Surian station at Kota Damansara and is being specially set-up in a total care orientation for our patients. We practiced to the highest standard quality of our dental care treatment.

SIGNATURE DENTAL CLINIC offers our best service to all patients from all over the world. We encourage people from various races, religions and background to experience our services and get better understanding on oral health care. We regularly treats:
- Childrens / adults for common dental checkup.
- Adults who pursue aesthetic essence from dental treatment
- Veterans with various teeth problems
- Students and working adult with dental issues varying from mild to severe pain caused by teeth.
- Any walk in customer who needs consultation on dental issues.
- Patients who sets prior appointment schedule.