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We are a lifestyle and consumer-focused rewards program where you earn BPoints for purchases made from our participating partners. These points can then be used as cash to pay at over 4000+ stores! For more information click here.
It is a recognition of your membership with B Infinite. BCard can be a physical or virtual one which is made available on our B Infinite mobile app. BCard enables you to earn and pay with BPoints and enjoy all the privileges that come with it. 
Is easy. You can SIGN UP via our website to get a new virtual BCard. 


Simply download the B Infinite Mobile App to obtain a Virtual BCard via Google Play store on Android or Apple App store on IOS 


visit partner stores (eg: Caltex, Kenny Rogers Roasters, Tealive, TBM) and apply for a physical co-branded BCard.
You get it instantly when you sign up via our website or download our B Infinite app to get the virtual BCard instantly. You may also visit our partner stores to get the physical co-branded BCard! Either way, it’s quick and easy.
No, B Infinite membership is absolutely free. However, certain co-branded physical cards might have a minor fee for unique privileges.
Our BInfinite membership is open to all individuals regardless of nationality, as long as you are 18 years of age and above. 
Just visit any of our partner store, present your BCard to start earning BPoints for your purchases. For online shopping, just key in your BCard number when prompted. Do visit EARN BPOINTS or browse through our B Infinite Mobile App to view the latest promotions made available for you.
Absolutely. You may own more than one BCard as we have multiple co-branded BCards that come with extra privileges. 

For instance, you may have a generic BCard as well as a Caltex co-branded card (Journey card). Both cards can be used anytime and anywhere. However, the unique privileges of Caltex Journey card are not made available for generic BCard.
Sorry, we do not issue supplementary cards but they are welcome to sign up for their own BCard.
Do not panic. Just sign in to or the B Infinite app to reset your 6 digit PIN so that 3rd party is not able to use your BCard. However, this is only possible if you have previously registered the BCard. 

Then, proceed to sign up for a new card and register it. Our customer care at will be happy to assist you to transfer the accumulated BPoints from the old card to the new card. However, for security purpose, we can only do so if both old and new cards are registered under the same profile.
Yes, as long as you have added your BCard into the B Infinite mobile app. Else, earning of BPoints is not possible and backdating of such BPoints will not be allowed.
No, BCard is only a membership card that allows you to earn BPoints and used them to pay for anything via partial or full redemption. BPoint works like cash and every 100 BPoints is equivalent to RM1.
For safety reasons, virtual BCard in a mobile phone cannot be used at Caltex stations. Do apply for a physical Caltex Journey Card to earn BPoints as you fuel up. Please visit for more information on Caltex Journey Card.
Thank you for your interest in us and would love to hear from you more. Please fill up the PARTNER ENQUIRY FORM or drop us an email to and we will be in touch with you soonest.
You may complete the CONTACT US form or email to and we will respond to you within 3 working days. 
You can earn BPoints from our participating partners in Malaysia & Singapore. Visit PARTNERS and our latest PROMOTIONS for more than 130 B Infinite participating brands at over 4,000 stores all over Malaysia and visit for partners in Singapore.
You can also collect BPoints for selected e-voucher deals from our website and mobile app.
Just SIGN IN to your profile information on our website or view your points balance from your B Infinite mobile app. Alternatively, you may email us at
Use BPoints as cash to shop for anything at our partner stores. This can be done either via full or partial redemption. Please visit HOW TO REDEEM for more information. We also allow redemption of e-voucher via our mobile app.
Yes, BPoints will expire 36 months from sales or purchase date, on first in first out basis. Eg,
Sales / Purchase Date = 1 Jan 2018
Points Expiry Date       = 1 Jan 2021

The BPoints expiry date is made available on our mobile app and also on the site here - 
just SIGN IN above.
Yes, we have special promotions that reward you with additional points from time to time. Keep an eye on our mobile app and here PROMOTIONS.
No, combining all BPoints into a single BCard is not possible at the moment as each account is different. 
You may view up to one (1) month of transactions from our mobile app, while on our website we have record for the past six (6) months. You need to download and save the monthly transactions from time to time if you wish to have transactions history of more than six (6) months.
So sorry, we can’t reinstate expired BPoints. We strongly advise you to download our mobile app or SIGN IN to our website to keep track of your BPoints validity from time to time. 
This is because each partner offers different products, services and pricing. For different points structure, please visit EARN BPOINTS on our website or view from our mobile app for more information.
Upon sales submission by our partners, we will credit your account with BPoints. This may be instant or up to 60 days depending on partner’s nature of business, eg. e-commerce partners have 45 days return policy and we got to wait until that’s over.
Please let us know by dropping us an email to together with a copy of receipt for the transaction made at our partners store or for online shopping, the online order ID, date and purchase amount. 
We are afraid that we will not be able to assist as proof of purchase is needed for us to claim the BPoints from our partners. We hope you understand. 
The BCard PIN is a 6-digit Personal Identification Number which is used to authorize a redemption when you pay with BPoints.
If yours is a physical BCard, scratch the silver patch on the back of your BCard to view the default 

If you create a Virtual BCard on the mobile app, you will receive the default PIN as per sample message below: 

You are advised to change this default PIN to your own preferred PIN 
Mobile App  
Go to our B Infinite Mobile App > Cards > click on the Virtual BCard > Reset PIN 
Go to My Profile > Cardholders > Forgot PIN > Confirm your card number > Proceed

A new PIN will be sent to your registered email address and registered mobile number.
Mobile App
Go to LOGIN > Forgot your PIN? 

A new PIN will be sent to your registered email address and registered mobile number.

Go to My Profile > Cardholders > Forgot PIN > Confirm your card number > Proceed

A new PIN will be sent to your registered email address and registered mobile number.
The new PIN will only be sent to your mobile number or email address registered with B Infinite, therefore please ensure you register your BCard on our website here.
It may take 3 to 4 weeks for your profile to be updated via participating partners’ outlets or instantly via website SIGN UP. You may reset your 6-digit PIN after registration on our website. 
Sign In to our website and go to "My Profile" to update your latest details.
You may reach out to us by email at or call us at call 03-2141 8080, 9am to 6pm (Mon to Fri, excluding public holidays). 

For convenience, add all your BCards to your mobile app or website so that you are able to access all your BCards for points balances, promotion alerts, perform redemption anytime, anywhere!
We regret to know that you wish to close your account and we hope that you will reconsider. If this is due to any service issue, we encourage you to email us at for assistance. 

BCard is free with no joining nor annual fee, you can earn BPoints and use them as cash plus we have amazing promotions every month. Check it out at our page at

If your decision is final, we will assist you on the cancellation, while hoping to be of service to you again.
All BPoints earned & accumulated can be used to redeem (pay) for goods / services at our participating partner stores or via our B Infinite Mobile App.

Mobile App
For more info, go to Redemptions
For info on our promotions, go to Promotions

Sign In above on our website > Redeem Bpoints > Select your item > Redeem
Yes, the 6-digit PIN needs to be entered during redemption.
  1. Lookout for our participating partner store 
  2. Shop and order the items you would like to redeem 
  3. Swipe your BCard or scan BCard from your mobile app during check out / payment 
  4. Key in your 6-digit PIN
  5. Redemption successful (if you have sufficient BPoints) 

Note: Check your BPoints balance via our mobile app or website SIGN IN above.
  1. Go to “Redemptions” tab
  2. Select the voucher you wish to redeem 
  3. You can choose to do full redemptions with your BPoints or buy with a debit/credit card/prepaid 
  4. Upon successful redemption, the e-voucher can be viewed from “Vouchers” tab
  5. When you wish to use it, activate the e-voucher to get a unique voucher code
  6. Kindly write down or screenshot the voucher code and use the code during your purchase.

Some partners may require members to access their website to activate the voucher code or visit their store to redeem on the spot. Please read the Terms (stated in the Redemption / go to Partner promotion icon) carefully for instruction prior to activating your e-voucher or perform redemption.
Please refer to the Redemption tab on the mobile app for type of e-vouchers available. 
You can store it and use it before its expiry date. Just remember to only activate the voucher when you are ready to use it. 
You will get a unique voucher code when you activated the e-voucher. This code is to be used during your purchase. 

Tip: Please activate the e-voucher when you wish to use it. Remember to note down / screenshot the unique code number.
Partial redemption is purchase done using combination of BPoints and cash or any other payment mode. 

For over the counter purchase at partner's store 
If you have only 570 BPoints and the drinks that you wish to order costs RM10, you can use your entire 570 BPoints (equivalent to RM5.70) to redeem and the balance of RM4.30 can be paid in cash. Simple!

For redemption via our Mobile App 
If you have only 340 BPoints and you wish to redeem a voucher at RM10, you can use your entire 340 BPoints (equivalent to RM3.40) to redeem, and pay the remaining RM6.60 via Masterpass. 

Note: Partial redemption may not be available for certain items eg Markdown online vouchers.
We are sorry but this is not possible. Once redemption done, it cannot be cancelled, exchanged or returned.
No, BPoint is not exchangeable for cash but you can use it as cash to shop at participating partners. Just remember 100 BPoints is equivalent to RM1.00.
Each voucher come with its own terms and conditions, hence, please read up because it can be different every time.
Sorry, BPoints will not be awarded for such transaction.
To provide you with the best security for payment via mobile app we partnered with Mastercard and used their Masterpass platform. It makes online payment simple, convenient and really safe, as it comes with multi-tiered security of the Mastercard network in partnership with your bank that issued the card. With Masterpass, your payment and shipping information is stored by your bank in a safe environment and you need not key in all the information each time you transact. 
Sign up for Masterpass is quite easy with B Infinite Mobile App.

   For first time user of Masterpass
   Step 2: Go to your B Infinite Mobile App >Home menu > Payment >*Pair your Masterpass account

   For existing user of Masterpass
   Step 1: Go to your B Infinite Mobile App >Home menu > Payment > Pair your Masterpass account
   Step 2: Sign in at Masterpass and choose Masterpass wallet (follow next instructions on the page)

*Pair refers to adding your Masterpass wallet into your B Infinite Mobile App as a convenient way to pay for your online shopping.
Once you have paired a Masterpass account in your B Infinite Mobile App, you don’t have to keep keying in your important payment information. You will be able to proceed with your online shopping with a faster checkout using the debit / prepaid/ credit card registered with Masterpass. 

Please contact your debit / prepaid / credit card Issuing Bank to request for OTP.
It may indicate insufficient balance in the card that is linked to your Masterpass. Please call your card issuing bank for assistance.
Please contact the bank that issued your credit / debit / prepaid card and see if it is authorized for online / internet transactions.
Log out and login again to refresh your account. This should set things right for you. If not, leave us a message at Contact Us OR email us at and we’ll help you through.
You may call 1800-884-235 Masterpass helpdesk to assist you. Otherwise, go to Masterpass Support for more information.
There is no charge imposed by B Infinite for using Masterpass service. You will only be billed the actual purchase amount. 
Yes, you can also use cards issued by other brands, eg Visa with Masterpass
You may log in to your Masterpass account to add more cards.
You may log in to your Masterpass account to edit your card details.
Please log in to your Masterpass account and look for Merchant Connections

Select “Yes”
No, B Infinite does not store any of your card information in the database nor in your device. Rest assured that your card information is safe and secure with Masterpass.
Your card information is still safe and secure with Masterpass, and is not being stored in your device. For security purposes, just change the password.
Tokens are complimentary BPoints that we give away during campaigns or events. They come with specific terms and conditions and can only be used at specific partners only.
Tokens can be used to redeem for goods or services at specific partners in full and before the stated expiry date. 

Example; At Tealive; there are Birthday Tokens which member can use to redeem a Free Drink (RM6.90) on his/her birthday every year. Token is valid for certain period only.
Mobile App 
To view tokens expiry date as well as the reward & redeem dates, click 'Token' to view the following:

Screenshot 2019-03-19 at 7.42.10 PM.png 96.88 KB


Alternatively, you can also SIGN IN to see the following: 

Member Login > Main Page
Unfortunately, both Tokens and BPoints are accumulated separately and combination of both for redemption is not allowed.
You will receive survey invitations via your registered email address and you will earn BPoints for completed surveys. Each survey has its own terms and conditions.
Registration takes about 3 to 4 weeks and you'll receive invitations once there surveys available for you.
Upon completion of a survey, free BPoints will be rewarded within a time frame which will be stated in the survey terms & conditions.
Fill the form here - CONTACT US below OR email us at and we’ll assist you. 
Please fill in the CONTACT US form below or email us at Do provide your BCard details and allow BPoints to be updated to the new card. Both old and new BCard must be registered under the same member profile. 

Meanwhile, you still need to register your new BCard at SURVEY PANELIST in order to continue receiving survey invitations linked to your new BCard instead of your old BCard.
Step 1: Go to Google Play Store for Android users or Apps Store for iOS users, search for B Infinite.

Step 2: Sign Up for an account for 1st time app user. 

Step 3: You will receive this message once you have successfully signed up.

Step 4: You will be receiving an email to verify your email address. Please click on the link provided in the email to proceed. You can only sign in after your account has been verified. 

Step 5:
If you have an existing BCard | If you do not have any BCard

You may scan the barcode from your physical card or enter the card number manually.

Enter the PIN and your card will be successfully link to your B Infinite Mobile App.

You will be prompted the virtual BCard number and PIN as in below:
New BCard createdWrite down the PIN and number of your new card.
CN: 6298 XXXX XXXX 1234PIN : 123456
Kindly write down/screenshot the PIN 

Step 6: You may view your BCards at the “Cards” tab. 

Note: Each account can add up to max 5 BCards and each BCard can only be tied to one B Infinite account (ie, email address) created via the App. 

You can set your default BCard to check BPoints instantly. BPoints accumulated for each BCard are not combined and not transferable. 

The barcode of the BCard can be displayed by selecting the top right icon.
The App keeps you updated on your points balance, transaction history, latest promotions and redemption offers on the go. If the physical BCard is not with you, you can still collect  and pay with BPoints by scanning your app when you make a purchase at a participating partner store. 


LINK CARDS: Scan and link your physical BCards (e.g. Journey Card, Tealive Card) to the B Infinite Mobile App, so you can store multiple BCards virtually. And then of course, scan and collect points. 

CHECK: Check your BPoints balance to see how much cash you can redeem-anytime, anywhere. 

PROMOTIONS & DEALS: You get alerts on the latest deals and you can even browse the best ones under promotions on the app. So convenient! 

FIND PARTNERS: We’ve got 130 partners and you can view them on the app. It even scans your location and tells you list of participating stores near you. Those are the stores that you can collect and redeem BPoints at. Just remember to ON your location. 

REDEEM: Check out the app’s redemption tab and redeem instantly with an offer of your choice. You can also redeem offline at partner stores, though. 

SCAN & COLLECT: To collect points, scan the barcode on your app during payment when you make a purchase or redemption at one of the 4,000+ B Infinite participating stores. 

For more information, visit
Password must consist a minimum of 6-digit character with is alphanumeric. Eg: Abc123
You can’t use your website login credentials to login to the app unless you have created the same credential for both platforms. If it is your first time using the app, you need to sign up first. 
You need to verify your account via a email link after successful sign up. Then, a login on the app may be possible.
This indicates that the BCard you are trying to add is already added into another B infinite Mobile App account (ie, other email address). Do note that one BCard can only be added to 1 B Infinite Mobile App account at any one time. 

If you wished to add the BCard into a new B Infinite Mobile App account, you will need to delete the BCard from the current B Infinite Mobile App account.
You will able to see your purchase history once the sale is verified as legit, which may take up to max of 45-60 days depending on merchant brand. For any purchase on travel services, BPoints will be issued within 45 – 60 days following the date you have consumed the services.

B Infinite reserves the right to cancel or delay your points awarding should a merchant brand alter their policies or delay their validation.
No, you are unable to get BPoints if you purchase directly from the merchant brand in Shop Online! You must click into to browse for your preferred brand & click on the brand to get directed to the merchant site.
Your BPoints might not have been tracked due to the following reasons:
  • You did not click through from Shop Online! when ordering. If you fail to click through from Shop Online!, we are unable to track your order and thus no points will be awarded.
  • Should there was a cancellation, return or exchange of your order, BPoints wil not be awarded due to it only awarded for completed orders.
We will be keep updating the merchant brand list according to our member base preferences to give our members more exiting online shopping experience. Stay tune at Shop Online! for latest merchant list.
No. The BPoints reward may vary among Shop Online! merchants. you may refer to Shop Online! merchant brands page.
eDeal is e-Voucher offered to B Infinite Members at great discounts / offers. Members can purchase the e-Voucher using BPoints. Start enjoying these deals at your favourite restaurants, cafes, spas, salons, retails, gyms and many more.
a) Go to, click on the ‘REDEEM BPOINT’ tap and browse through the deals made available for you. eDeal offers are indicated with the word ‘eDeal’ on each offer description. E.g. *eDeal* The Laureate LPG Endermologie Treatment (Face or Body). If something catches your eye, click on it to view the deal.

b) Ensure you read the Terms & Conditions before purchasing the deal.

c) You must sign in with website credential (email and password) to proceed with the purchase. If you have yet to sign up, please click HERE to proceed.

d) Once you are signed in,
     i. click on ‘PURCHASE NOW’,
     ii. confirm the quantity of e-Voucher you would like to purchase by clicking on ( + ) or ( - ) sign,
     iii. click on ‘ADD TO CART’,
     iv. next you may click on ‘CONTINUE SHOPPING’ to check-out other eDeals or click ‘PROCEED’ to go to payment page
     v. at the payment page, select your BCard from the drop-down list,
     vi. key in the promotional code if you have any, or click on ‘Add a Promo’ button to add promotional codes that are   
          applicable for the eDeal voucher(s) that you have selected. Next, click ‘Apply’
vii. then click on ‘CONFIRM AND PAY’
viii. Lastly key in your 6-digit PIN to proceed.

e) Once payment is successful, you will receive an e-Voucher that looks like this:

eDeals are exclusive offers reserved for B Infinite Members. For every eDeal purchase, B Infinite rewards you BPoints. (1 BPoint for every RM1 Voucher value).
You can pay for any eDeal voucher using your BPoints (full Points redemption). Just select your preferred BCard to make the payment.

Payment Method (7).jpg 33.62 KB

Promotional code is a code that offers discount to Members on periodic basis. The promotional code can be used to offset your purchase value.
At the payment confirmation page, enter your promotional code or click on ‘Add a Promo’ button, select available code(s) and click ‘APPLY’.
Most probably the promotional code has expired and is no longer valid. If the code is yet to expire and you are not able to use it, please contact our Customer Service for assistance by emailing to us at or contact us 03-2141 8080.
This varies depending on partner. Some partners only allow users to purchase 1 e-Voucher, while others allow multiple purchases up to a maximum of 10 pcs of e-Voucher per deal per transaction.

To find out how many e-Vouchers you may purchase, refer to individual deal’s Terms & Conditions. Each deal comes with different Terms & Conditions, so make sure you read it carefully before purchasing the e-Voucher.

If you purchase more than 1 e-Voucher of the same deal, you will receive multiple e-Voucher codes. E.g. You purchase 5 pcs of Starbucks RM20 e-Vouchers, you will receive 5 different Starbucks RM20 e-Voucher codes.
Sorry, once a purchase is completed, no cancellation is allowed. Please ensure that you read the Terms & Conditions of the e-Voucher deal before you purchase.
Go to B Infinite website at, SIGN IN to your Member Page and all your eDeal e-Vouchers are listed under the ‘MY VOUCHER’ tab. 
No, you don’t need to print out the e-Voucher. Just present your e-Voucher code from ‘My Vouchers’ page to outlet staff for them to click on the ‘REDEEM’ button during redemption.

Step 1: Sign in to your Member’s Page and view all your eDeal e-Vouchers under ‘MY VOUCHER’.

dropdown.png 68.09 KB

Step 2: Select the e-Voucher that you wish to redeem.

myvoucher.png 20.29 KB

Step 3: At the partner outlet during payment, tap on ‘CLICK HERE TO REDEEM’

Visual (2).jpg 85.84 KB

Step 4: Present the page for outlet staff to click on ‘REDEEM’ button to complete the redemption. If the partner has multiple outlets and voucher is only applicable for a specific outlet, please ensure that you are at the right outlet and choose the correct voucher for that particular outlet before redeeming the voucher.


Step 1: SIGN IN to your Member’s Page and view all your eDeal e-Vouchers under the ‘MY VOUCHER’ tab.

Step 2: Select the e-Voucher that you wish to redeem.

Step 3: During payment, tab “CLICK HERE TO REDEEM’ to reveal the e-Voucher code. Enter the e-Voucher code on the partner’s website check-out page.

If you are unable to redeem any valid e-Vouchers for whatever reasons, please contact our Customer Service for assistance by emailing to us at or contact us 03-2141 8080.
No, e-Vouchers are non-transferable.
Each e-Voucher has its own expiry date and can only be redeemed prior to the expiry. To find out SIGN IN to your Member Page, select the specific e-Voucher and click on it to view the expiry date as shown below.

Voucher (6).jpg 26.66 KB

All expired e-Vouchers are automatically voided and can no longer be used. No refund or extension of validity request will be entertained. When it’s gone, it’s gone, so remember to redeem your e-Vouchers before they expire.
Some deals may require reservation. Please refer to the e-Voucher Terms and Conditions set by each partner.

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