Plan your travel itinerary now & earn 500 BPoints! 
Earn 500 BPoints & win KLOOK vouchers when you made purchase at KLOOK via Shop Online! You might be the lucky winner! Click below to shop now! T&C apply.
 | 1. This campaign is valid from 11 July – 31 Aug 2019.
 2. This campaign is open to all BCard members. For non-BCard members, please download B Infinite app to create your virtual card and register the virtual BCard at
 3. BCard member will be rewarded with 500 BPoints for every purchase made at KLOOK via Shop Online!, with no minimum spend required.
 4. On top of the 500 BPoints reward, twelve (12) members will stand a chance to win KLOOK vouchers worth RM50 for the next purchase. 
 5. Announcement of winners will be made available on B Infinite's official Facebook page and B Infinite website within sixty (60) days after the campaign ends.
 6. BPoints or vouchers will be rewarded to the winners within ten (10) days after announcement of winners is made.
 7. The prize is non-refundable, non-transferable and non-exchangeable for cash, credit or any item(s).
 8. BLoyalty Sdn Bhd & KLOOK reserves the rights at its absolute discretion to change, vary, delete or add to any these terms and conditions without prior notice.