You wouldn’t want to miss this! 
Join us the year-end B Infinite Fun Love Joy promotion and win BIG! 
 Spend at 5 or more merchants with a total accumulation of RM200 or more during campaign period (to earn 1 entry) and stand to win awesome experiences from us! 
 *Earn 3 bonus entries when you spend at Caltex or TBM 
 *Earn 1 bonus entry each when you spend at Cosway or Tealive  
 For more info, refer to full T&C

1. The “B Infinite FunLoveJoy” (“Contest”) is organized by BLoyalty Sdn Bhd (“BLoyalty” or the “Organizer”).

2. This Contest is open to all B Infinite registered members except for representatives, employees, servants and/or agents of BLoyalty Sdn. Bhd’s agencies that manage this contest (including its affiliated and related companies), and their immediate family members (children, parents, brothers and sisters, including spouses).

3. For non-B Infinite members, you can participate in the Contest by signing up for a physical card at participating merchants or download B Infinite mobile app for a virtual B Infinite card and register your details at

4. Member’s B Infinite card accounts shall be automatically tracked for the purpose of tabulating the entry for the Contest.

5. The contest is open from 2 December 2019 to 2 February 2020, both dates inclusive (“Contest Period”). 

6. BLoyalty reserves the right to amend the duration and/or the commencement and/or expiry dates of the Contest Period without prior notice.

7. The prizes (“Prizes”) as tabled below shall be given away to the winners :

8. The Organizer reserves the right at its absolute discretion to substitute any of the Prizes with a prize of equal value, at any time, without prior notice or consent. All Prizes will be awarded in its current state and cannot be exchanged. The pictures of the Prizes shown are for illustration purposes only.

9. Eligible transactions for this Campaign are those that:  
(a)      Are charged to any of the Eligible Participant’s participating B Infinite merchants during the Campaign Period; and
(b)     Include all retail transactions & petrol; and
(c)      Include internet transactions, online purchase & online share trading. 
(d)     Exclude purchases of tobacco, tobacco-related accessories, instore-services and reload services at 7-Eleven.
(e)     Exclude all void or reversed transactions 

10. B Infinite members must spend using their B Infinite cards during the Contest Period in the following manner to earn entries for the Contest: -
(a)      Members are entitled for (1) contest entry when they spend at 5 or more B Infinite participating merchants with a total accumulation of RM200 or above.
(b)     Member will earn additional one (1) entry for every transaction made at Cosway or Tealive.
(c)      Member will earn additional three (3) entries for every transaction made at Caltex or Tan Boon Ming (TBM)
Eg: A spent at below merchants outlet during campaign period 
i)                    RM60 @ Merchant 1
ii)                   RM30 @ Tealive (Merchant 2)
iii)                  RM60 @ Caltex (Merchant 3)
iv)                  RM40 @ Merchant 4
v)                   RM50 @ Merchant 5 

Member has accumulated RM200 and above @ 5 merchants outlets, therefore member is entitled for 1 (contest entry) + 1 bonus entry from Tealive transaction + 3 bonus entries from Caltex transaction = 5 total entries.
11. BLoyalty Sdn.Bhd reserves the right to forfeit the prize(s) if the accumulation amount is less than RM200 due to any void or reversed transactions after the prize was issued. 
12. Participating B Infinite merchants can be viewed at Appendix 1.

13. For all the winners will be selected at the end of the Contest 
14. The tracking of the Eligible Spend and Participation Criteria is based on transaction dates (Malaysian Time) and subject to settlement by participating merchants. The Organizer should not be made responsible for the failure or delay in settlement by partners. 

15. At the time of selection of the Contest winners, the B Infinite card of the selected Eligible Participant(s) MUST be in good standing and MUST NOT be in breach of any of the terms and conditions of the B Infinite general terms and conditions or invalid or cancelled, invalid or void transaction(s), as otherwise they will be disqualified from participating or being selected as the Contest winner(s). 
16. During winner selection, shortlisted Potential winner(s) shall be contacted via phone call or e-mail through the information maintained in the B Infinite’s system, between 10.00am to 6.00pm from Monday to Friday (except public holidays), within eight (8) weeks from the end of the Campaign Period, at the sole and absolute discretion of B Infinite.
17. The shortlisted Potential winner(s) shall be required to provide the required details for verification purpose and to be confirmed as the winner of the Campaign. 
18. B Infinite shall make three (3) attempts to contact the Potential winner. If the first contact attempt failed due to reasons such as no answer, mobile number not in service, no connection or any reasons whatsoever, then the Organizer shall make the other two (2) attempts within two (2) working days at the next available time at the Organizer’s absolute discretion. If the final attempt also failed, then the shortlisted Potential winner shall be disqualified and not be eligible to win the Prize. The next Potential winner shall be eligible to win the prize.
19. Eligible Participants are entitled to win one Prize throughout the Campaign period. In the event where the eligible participant’s entry is drawn more than once, the eligible participant will receive only one (1) prize. 
20. Winner(s) will be notified via email using B Infinite’s Email Direct Mailing (EDM) system. Details of the winners will also be made available at the end of the campaign at B Infinite’s Facebook page and
21. For prizes fulfillment/collection method will be sent to the winners via email from BLoyalty. All the prizes (regardless of physical prizes / e-vouchers / token / BPoints) will be rewarded within 90 working days after the winners’ announcement made.  
22. Prizes are non-transferable and non-exchangeable for cash or other goods, whether in part or in full.

23. The Organizer will contact the Winners to make the necessary verification and to invite winners to a Prize giving ceremony. The costs of attending the Prize giving ceremony shall be borne by the Winners. If any of the Winners failed to attend such ceremony and/or other publicity programs without valid reason(s), Organizer reserves the right to forfeit the Prize(s) of such winners and select another winner.

24. Eligible Participants and/or Winners who participated in this Contest are deemed to have expressly agreed to be bound by these Terms and Conditions (as varied or changed), the decisions of BLoyalty and/or the judges and, to the fullest extent permitted by law, to have consented to and authorized BLoyalty to disclose their particulars to the third-party service providers engaged by BLoyalty for purposes of the Contest. 

25. BLoyalty warrants that the disclosure of such particulars to any third-party service providers shall be limited to the Eligible Participants’ or Winners’ BCard number, name, email address and telephone number and shall be used only in relation to and for purposes of the Contest. 

26. Each of the Eligible Participants and/or Winners is deemed to have given his/her consent and authorization to BLoyalty to use his/her name, BCard or other information approved by the Eligible Participants and/or Winners for current and future advertising and publicity purposes relating to the Contest. 

27. Eligible Participants and/or Winners also agreed to be featured in any publicity material relating to the Contest. No fee will be paid to the Winners for any of the foregoing.

28. BLoyalty’s decision on all matters relating to the Contest (including the interpretation of these Terms and Conditions) shall be final and binding and no further correspondence or attempt to dispute such decision would be entertained.

BLoyalty reserves the right to add/amend/delete any participating partners below without prior notice. To view the latest list, kindly refer to